Christian Hidaka

A Scene in Two Parts (and other plays)

April 18 to July 16, 2019

The window display at Ginza Maison Hermès is a theatrical stage in the midst of the city. Each year’s annual theme of Hermès is conveyed through the creative viewpoints of diverse creators.

In 2019, the annual theme of Hermès’ window displays is “chasing a dream.” The window space will be used to entice viewers into a variety of dream worlds.

The British painter Christian Hidaka reproduced a ballet performance based on the 19th French poet Stéphane Mallarmé’s poem “The Afternoon of the Faun,” depicting the faun lying in a rapturous state beside the river after being enchanted by a beautiful fairy. Hidaka also made a picture for the curtain that was inspired by commedia dell’arte stage sets of the 16th century and an impromptu stage for traveling entertainers inside the window. Bolstered by technique and knowledge, the worldview of Hidaka’s paintings straddles the history of art with allusions to Renaissance architecture pictures, 16th-century Italian theatre, 19th-century French poetry, and 20th-century Russian ballet, and manifesting a realm of daydreams that is complexly intertwined with time and space.

Artist Profile

Christian Hidaka
Christian Hidaka is a British contemporary painter whose work depicts the intersection of theatre, pictorial space and memory. His works draw from a thousand different sources: Japanese landscapes, science fiction worlds, psychedelia, surrealism, Renaissance painting… to go beyond their apparent antagonisms to construct a representation of the world that has a promise of reconciliation. More recently his work has extended into making murals where the viewer is surrounded and confronted by representations at a human scale. Recent exhibitions include ‘Unhooked a Star’ at MNAC Bucharest, ‘Chinese Whispers’ at MAK Vienna, and ‘Natural Pas Natural’ at Le Palais Fesch Musée des Beaux Arts, Corsica.