Amber Dohrenwend

Bug Nets

Jan 17 - Apr 16, 2019

The window display at Ginza Maison Hermès is a theatrical stage in the midst of the city. Each year’s annual theme of Hermès is conveyed through the creative viewpoints of diverse creators.

In 2019, the annual theme of Hermès’ window displays is “chasing a dream.” The window space will be used to entice viewers into a variety of dream worlds.

Sugar cubes move back and forth around a gourd. It looks as if a procession of ants is busily working away. And nearby, there is a beautiful butterfly fluttering gracefully in the air, and a colorful spider leaving a parting gift made of exquisite silk fabric. On the other hand, a powerful caterpillar on the ground seems to be asserting itself.

Bug Nets depicts the playful activities of a variety of natural creatures on a fantastic scale. They were actually fashioned out of paper, including some of the cardboard used at Ginza Maison Hermès. This never-before-seen world of living things is made out of very familiar materials. In order for these materials to undergo a brilliant transformation, it is necessary to have and create a dream.

Artist Profile

Amber Dohrenwend
Amber Dohrenwend is an American artist based in Tokyo who also works under the name The Cardboard Collective. She constructs post-consumer cardboard sculptures, costuming and installations with soft, organic curves and textures. Her work is both relatable and thought provoking as it directs viewers’ attention to the vast potential of a humble material that is often overlooked. The work is meant to have a defined life cycle, and is usually recycled after a short time. She often works with nothing more than cardboard, a pair of scissors and a stapler.