À LA POURSUITE DES RÊVES / L’esprit de conquête

The Marsdreamers

April 6 - April 30, 2019

Le Studio is a private cinema with 40 seats, located at Ginza Maison Hermès 10th floor.
The theme of 2019 selection will be “À LA POURSUITE DES RÊVES”

The Marsdreamers
2009 / France, Switzerland / 83min / Color / Blu-ray

Director: Richard Dindo
Cinematographer: Pio Corradi
Music: Christophe Boutin

This documentary focuses on people who dream of going to Mars. While each comes from a different background (engineer, writer, scientist, university student, etc.), they all share their candid views on the subject, particularly the Americans who are convinced that they will someday have a chance to colonize the Red Planet.

In addition to interviews with astronomers, geologists, astrophysicists, and their specialists, the film includes visits to the Mars Society and a simulated base station located in the Mojave Desert in Utah. While considering the need and potential for traveling to Mars, the ambitious work provides suggestions about the history and future of the Earth.

Richard Dindo
Swiss of Italian origin, born in Zurich in 1944, lives and works in Paris and Zurich. Left school at 15, started to travel, doing various jobs. He learned about filming through reading books and watching numerous movies at the French Cinematheque. Since 1970, has directed many documentaries about art, politics, and filmed biographies of famous or unknown people.
He also defines himself a “memory worker” (un travailleur de la mémoire)
He believes that « reality surpasses fiction », that documentary’s strength is that the whole world is before our very eyes, no need to invent it. One just has to see it, understand it and put it into film.

Screening schedule

4/6, 4/7, 4/13, 4/14, 4/20, 4/21, 4/27, 4/28, 4/29, 4/30


11:00 / 14:00 / 17:00


Ginza Maison Hermès Le Studio (10F, 5-4-1 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan TEL: 03-3569-3300)


Reservation begins: March 16 (Sat) 11:00

※Children must be junior high school or older.
※Reservation will begin three weeks before the day of your visit until 1 hour prior to the showtime.
※If there are open seats on that day, you are welcomed to view on first come first served basis. Please come directly to Le studio reception 5 minutes before the movie starts.